This was a big project for me. I installed 19 tables at Crust in Williamsburg today. I feel like they turned out well.

Solitude in New York. Pretty wild I could see the Empire State Building from this exact spot.

Nice cap to the weekend here in New Jersey. @sirjeffreyallenmyers @bennyboosh

Sycamore slab bench, with a driftwood look. Went for minimal design with the top taking the focus. Mixing clean lines beneath with the natural edges from years of growth through the seasons up top. (bench/coffee table) @visslasurf

Getting excited for travel. Hit the road tomorrow, for the Northeast. @visslasurf

Late night knife project complete. 🌜🔪🌛. Cicadas keep running into my windows. 😛 Handle is figured walnut on a folding pocket knife.

Thanks for the cover @chrisfrickphoto !

#bertha did it for us yesterday in Rodanthe. 📷 @thermosetvisuals

#bertha did it for us yesterday in Rodanthe.

Weekend fun with my dad. Hopped out and shot a couple fish in the Chesapeake Bay.