I went down to Charleston recently with Kate. We had never been, but heard only good things. I was surprised how much I liked the city. I was labeling it as a little NYC of the southeast or something. It just had the big city feel. Walk for miles up and down main streets with Noodle bars and specialty shops that can only make it in high consumer areas.

We were sent to Magnolia Gardens. Its this huge estate dating back to when this area was still under British control. Lots of history around. The most exciting part of the grounds was this little “petting zoo”. Deers, owls, bunnies, goats. snakes.  Also on a scale of 1 to culinary excellence, I will give Charleston a belch of incredible.

I thought the kid ruined my photo but now that I look again, it kind of makes it cooler.  The guy on all fours was getting dominated.

Caught a bee in flight after keeping the focus the same and waiting for him to fly in frame. I deleted about 30 throw aways.

kisses for a selfie